PS4 and Clonezilla

There’s not much to say except that it is possible to clone your PS4′s hard drive. We here at Operationlinux have attempted and succeeded at doing so. The only pitfall we noticed was that you need space for the entire hard drive; for some reason Clonezilla did not distinguish between used and unused space. The default PS4 drive is 400GB.

Happy Cloning!

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3 Responses to PS4 and Clonezilla

  1. Poursang says:

    Any chance of cloning the PS4 disk to a let’s say a 1TB drive? Will the resulting partition use the full space or not?

    • Luke says:

      We haven’t tried but it should be possible. We think it’s a two step process, first clone then second use a disk resizing utility to use the whole disk. (sorry for the huge delay)

  2. Hackmate says:

    I was looking for such a good news! The only reason I see to clone is that there are digital version to buy and they are much cheaper than BluRay disks. I don’t know Ebay but in Poland on Allegro (same as Ebay but polish) BlueRay costs about 240 PLN and digital around 80 PLN (now 1 EUR = 4,2 PLN).

    My only concerns so far are that I have 2 digital games on the hard drive – The Last of Us Remastered and NFS Rivals, cheap digital distribution, no BluRay disks. Hopefully CloneZilla will not destroy the file system on my original disk, at least.


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